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Romantik-2.0-Festival. Magdeburg, Germany.

16th 21Uhr – 17th 14Uhr Jun 2012, Wintergarten.

This piece is an attempt to communicate and interpret thoughts through movement and sound with the   use of improvisation.
What would thoughts sound and look like?
Thoughts come and go, they overwhelm you, they hunt you down, they posses you or they just pass by.
Is it possible to share some of this fragile and intimate moments on stage?
Dance: Irene Cortina
Music: Olaf Hollmann
Video projection: Christian Bilger


22./23. Oktober 2011 – 20:30

Where thoughts are movement. An interpretation

Direction & dance:
Irene Cortina González (1989 Valencia, SP) Dancer and maker. Graduated in Contemporary Dance at Conservatorio Profesional in Valencia and Bachelor of Dance at ArtEZ in The Netherlands. Living in Berlin, where she creates her own choreographic work and researches on movement. She is interested in clarity, precision and significance in movement. She also enjoys working with space, composition and images. http://irenecortina.wordpress.com/

Live music: 
Dino Spiri (1982 Singen, D) studied drums in The Netherlands. There he started to create music for dance performances. Currently attending the Alexander Technique teacher training program in Berlin. He is particularly interested in and researching on the richness that simplicity and clarity bring to his work.
Olaf Hollmann(1985, D) is a young European tenor-saxophon-player and composer, experienced in many styles of music. As a saxophone-player he focuses especially on the free-improvised music/art. He was studying music and composition in Colonge (D), Arnhem (NL) and Stockholm (SE). He is also active as a film- and theatrecomposer, and is studying composition for film at the HFF Potsdam.
Projections provided by Christian Bilger – http://www.christian-bilger.de/  *special thanks!

“10 times 6” at ADA, Berlin. 

7/8 May 2011. 20:30h

• please, watch with earphones for a good audio experience! •


Improvisation solo where I want to research movement and thought.
Based on the idea that Improvisation is thinking in movement I want to explore how my body would express thoughts in time and space. 
Can my body mirror my mind?
Live music and dance will cross-feed and influence each other’s movement and expression of thought, creating a dialogue between performer, musician and audience.
Choreography & dance_ Irene Cortina González
Live music_ Dino Spiri



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